Welcome to quintessential Snowdrop Valley where books rule the day and literary dreams come true. Put on your walking shoes, find your book bag, grab a peppermint latte, and make yourself completely at home in a sweet new series.

My Christmas Darling

ISBN-978-1-7332261-1-0 - paperback

ISBN-978-1-7332261-0-3 - e-Book

ISBN-978-1-7332261-4-1 - large print

Plagued by guilt for a mistake that took her mom’s eyesight, Lucy Carpenter dreams of achieving financial success despite mounting medical bills. Sadly, as a manuscript reader for Big Apple Books, the only hope is to publish her Christmas novel despite numerous rejections. When her boss requests her publishing recommendations for the month, Lucy submits her manuscript under a false identity despite company rules. What Lucy didn’t expect is that her desperate act may have landed her much more than a contract.

A Sleepy Hollow Kiss

ISBN-978-1-7332261-3-4 - paperback

ISBN-978-1-7332261-2-7 - e-Book

ISBN-978-1-7332261-5-8 - large print

Lane Sharp wants nothing more than to keep her gifted little brother from the clutches of society despite evidence that he needs to go away to a special school. When the administrator of the literary arts college puts her in charge of gothic preview week for Halloween, she didn’t expect to be saddled with a pushy horror literature consultant with conflicting ideas, an adorable daughter, and a twangy southern drawl. When she discovers his real purpose is to compete to take her job, Lane makes the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love.

Wedding at Walden Pond

ISBN-978-1-7332261-7-2 - paperback

ISBN-978-1-7332261-8-9 - e-Book

ISBN-978-1-7332261-6-5 - large print

Sweet Mirabelle Martine may be about to lose her beloved French bakery and fairy tale bookshop, but a turbulent family history in France taught her to rely on her own wit and depend on no one. Yet when the reclusive horror bookshop owner with a crush across the way tells his visiting mother that they’re engaged to be married, she decides to go along with the ruse in exchange for his help with the harvest festival to save her business. What she didn’t expect to find was that money means very little and love can exist in the most unlikely match.


Once Upon a Thanksgiving



Recruited to Snowdrop Valley to start the first public school, Prunella Peabody is abhorred to see it is nothing more than a dilapidated 1800’s barn-turned schoolhouse. Determined to outshine her acclaimed big-city twin sister, she has every intention of transforming it into a reputable venue by following each legal step in the book. When the town council assigns her a swaggery new principal with a background in children’s literature to restore the school, she learns they are expected to share the same free housing despite his  drooly dog, sloppy ways and ridiculous ideas. Will she discover there is more to life than policy?

Dreams of Mistletoe



Noelle Dash hasn’t been back to Snowdrop Valley in five years since her father first opened his used bookshop and everything went wrong. Estranged ever since, she learns that her father passed away and left the bookshop to her. Determined to restore the failing business by remodeling it to attract a buyer, she hires big-city marketing consultant Jack Wade to assist with the project. What she hadn’t banked on was that his outlandish ideas would not only challenge her out of her comfort zone, but convince her to leave her city career behind by honoring her father and turning his old store into a perfect Christmas bookshop with Jack at her side.

Short and Sweet Holiday

Reads Novelette Series

Alone for the Holidays



Snow is falling hard near the festive town of Woodstock, Vermont, with its scrumptious bakeries, brightly lit storefronts, and twelve-foot-tall Main Street Christmas tree. Romance is in the air for everybody except Clara Neverov, recently divorced, bitter, and alone for the holidays. Her situation goes from bad to worse when she accidentally invites a man she's never met from an online book group to spend Christmas with her after hearing that his wife passed away. The problem is that for the nine months of their writing letters, she led him to believe she is a six-foot-tall blonde aerobics queen who owned a bookstore, instead of the truth that she's a dark-haired, dark-eyed, overweight Russian famous author and anti-social hermit.

Summer at Sunflower Hill



Briar Dahlia Delphine wants nothing more than her long-awaited vacation from a stressful life in the big city to make progress toward her dream of starting her own yoga retreat center on Sunflower Hill. With the property up for sale and to test the waters, she rents the mountain retreat for two weeks and enrolls a dozen paying ladies for an all-women's health and wellness retreat. The problem is that when she arrives at the property with her guests, so do twelve sweaty, messy, noisy men in the company of a loud-mouthed martial arts instructor hosting his own two-week camp due to an accidental double booking. The peaceful yoga retreat quickly turns into a disaster that includes sharing cabins with strange men and fighting for hill rights.

Wishes on Christmas Eve


COMING December 1, 2019

Description coming soon

The New Year's Invitation


COMING December 15, 2019

Description coming soon


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