​Vivien Mayfair is a highly acclaimed author of sweet, clean, contemporary romance, with a central focus on the theme of books and holidays. After years of raising children as a single parent from a young age and various dismal jobs with no direction on what she wanted to do with her life, Vivien decided to indulge her passion for books by earning an MA in English before turning to writing romance full-time. Vivien always dreamed of being a writer, and has never been seen without a book in her hands. Before her novel days, she wrote homeschool curriculum, magazine articles, resumes and suspense stories, all while teaching English in college. One day, nearly twenty years after an obsession with Zebra historical romance, she picked up a western romance novel with an enticing cover. She became hooked on the genre once again and never looked back. She now creates sweet, wholesome, heartfelt romance that leaves readers feeling toasty on the inside and laughing on the outside. Her trademark sarcasm, themed holidays, and vibrant settings have gained her fans from all over. When not reading or writing, Vivien spends her time with animals, family, watching period drama movies or TV, or buying more books. Vivien resides happily in the Pacific Northwest.

15 Facts about Vivien

  1. She has been a vegetarian for twenty-five years; a vegan for two years.

  2. Her first car was a 1967 ghastly, olive-green, classic Ford mustang that broke down daily.

  3. Pregnant at the age of 16, she gave birth to her first son and still finished high school traditionally.

  4. There is a collection of life-like fine art dolls in her house that have their own room and wardrobe, and she was once a doll artist herself.

  5. She has a real passionate affinity for classic children’s literature, and reads it every day.

  6. On her bed is a giant plush Snoopy the size of a third-grader; he has his own baby snoopy.

  7. Her favorite movie is Legends of the Fall; her favorite novel is The Thornbirds.

  8. She has watched The Gilmore Girls and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman series a dozen times each, and would happily do so again.

  9. When putting herself through college, she started and ran an infant-toddler home daycare center, taking care of up to 5 babies at a time.

  10. Astrid Lindgrin and her Pippi Longstocking book series remains her favorite to this day

  11. Favorite books as a child were Marguerite Henry’s horse books such as Misty of Chincoteague.

  12. She used to dream about going to college in Montana and majoring in equestrian studies

  13. Her writer survival foods are chocolate, coffee with almond cream, and macaroni and (vegan) cheese.

  14. Favorite travel spots are the islands of Hawaii where she has been so far 10 times, with Kauai her absolute favorite.

  15. She can’t stand wearing pants or close-toed shoes even in the snowy winter, and wish she'd been born in another century.


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